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Dental examinations are relatively short appointments where we check the health of the teeth, the gums and the soft tissues in and around the mouth. For children we also check that their teeth are properly aligned and if necessary, we will arrange referral to an orthodontist. 

Your dentist will ask if you have any problems or concerns about your teeth or mouth. 

Guidelines suggest that x rays should be taken periodically to screen for problems that may not be apparent on visual inspection. Your dentist will advise you if these are indicated. 

You may also be given preventive advice during an examination appointment. Prevention is an important aspect of dental care. There is evidence that poor oral health can be detrimental to general health and wellbeing. Our clinicians will work with you to try to optimise your oral health. This will include advice on maintaining good oral hygiene and gum health, and advice to reduce your risk of tooth decay. Patients with risk factors for oral cancer will be given advice on how to reduce these risks. 

Treatment is not normally carried out at an examination appointment. If you need treatment your dentist will explain the options available to you. Once a treatment plan has been agreed you will be given a printed estimate and treatment appointments will be arranged.

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