24th March 2020 by LinksLodge

Coronavirus, Covid 19


Today, 18th June 2020, at the First Minister’s Press Briefing, Nicola Sturgeon announced that Scotland is entering Phase 2 of the Coronavirus Framework. Amongst the updates she announced that dental practices would be allowed to re-open for urgent care from the 22nd of June, enabling us to help take the pressure off the Urgent Dental Care Centres.


It must be stressed that this reopening does not allow us to see our patients for routine care, such as check ups, or allow us to use our drills for fillings or even spray cold air. Our patients will still be strictly triaged by a dentist before appointments are given and these appointments may be at our sister practice, Esk Dental Care, Brechin. 


Most of the calls we are receiving at present are dealt with by giving advice, reassurance and in rare circumstances antibiotic prescription.  This will continue to be the case until we are given permission by the Chief Dental Officer of Scotland to open for routine care.


The only active treatment we will be able to offer will be,

  • The extraction of symptomatic teeth that are causing extreme pain or swelling
  • The placement of a temporary dressing in a broken tooth with sharp edges


As Nicola Sturgeon stated today dentists are considered high risk in the transmission of Covid-19 and as such patients with non-urgent care issues such as lost crowns and broken teeth that are causing no pain will not be seen.


In preparation of today’s changes Esk Dental Care have already made changes to the layout and flow of our practice, created and implemented multiple new policies and we are partway through our staff training.  Changes made include dramatically reducing the amount of patients we see in a day, only having one patient in the practice at any one time, only treating patients in one allocated surgery and the type of PPE we use.


We will keep you informed of changes as we are made aware of them.  Thank you for your patience at this challenging time.